TAS - hydraulic actuated productsTAS - hydraulic actuated products


The SHS product range has been used thousands of times in many application areas. Especially for wind turbine gearboxes, hydraulic motors and gearbox test benches.  

The proven design (European patent EP 0821397) was further developed in recent years in order to meet specific customer requirements, to meet new challenges and to open up new areas of application. Based on years of experience and close cooperation with our customers, the following developments have been brought to an industrial level and through the accumulated experience we can use the concept also for shaft and flange couplings.

In this context the development and engineering department of TAS Schäfer has designed hybrid solutions. These solutions allow the customer to use the products fully hydraulically, or in mixed-operating mechanically and hydraulically, but always adapted to particular requirements and circumstances.

Hydraulic shrink discs of TAS Schäfer GmbH have a separated hydraulic system. The great advantage lies in the tremendous time savings during installation.

Here you will find some examples:


SHS - hydraulic actuated Shrink Disc

Gearbox test bench of Siemens / Winergy

Special feature:
Dismantling on hub, hybrid solution
Simple and safe locking with a bayonet ring


FKH - hydraulic actuated Flange Coupling

Shaft connection for Conveyor Drives

Special feature:
Hybrid solution


WHS - hydraulic actuated Shaft Coupling

Main shaft connection on German research vessel TFS SONNE

Special feature:
Hybrid solution and dismantling on shaft is possible